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New York, NY - Posted on: Thursday 09/10/15


The Financial Information Services Agency (FISA) has a vacancy for a Business Analyst to support the Financial Management System (FMS). The primary responsibility of the position is to ensure that FMS software operates as necessary to manage the data processing and reporting requirements of the Department of Education (DOE). The candidate will actively manage an ongoing portfolio of work and will serve as the primary liaison with the Department of Education on all matters related to FMS.

Activities of the DOE Business Analyst role include: 
• Investigate software issues reported by the Level 1 and 2 end user support or escalated to
FISA Business Teams by our Oversight Agencies. Follow through on reported issues may
include some or all of the following actions below:
° proposing and authoring refinements to policy and procedure documentation and 
training materials,
° escalating to the development team the need for a programmatic resolution,
° proposing end user (or oversight) workarounds to the usage issues (when appropriate),
° (for complex usage scenarios) providing education or guidance when the system is not
being used as designed / intended
° escalating to the Business team management the need for correction / enhancement to
the software,
° informing the Level 1 and 2 end user support teams of the resolution and communicating
to those teams any instructions that need to be relayed to the individual who reported the
• Analyze and document business requirements and non-functional requirements of proposed
software solutions (e.g., operational, security, timing, etc.). Typical solutions (to the Financial
system) come in the form of: new reports, enhancements to existing reports, data fixes,
mass data changes (as a substitute for large scale data entry), new batch / modified batch
processes, data configuration bundles, definition of new / modified online transactions and 
inquiries, etc.
• Author functional design documents that capture the details of the solution in all aspects
(e.g.,. workflow requirements, business validations to be performed on data entry forms, 
formulas to be applied in calculations on inquiries and reports, presentation layer
requirements on inquiries and reports, definition of inputs / outputs and business logic of
new / modified batch processes, configuration profile, application data configuration changes
required to enact the business or processing change, etc.,). The documentation produced will
follow FISA's standard for functional designs. 
• Work with technical teams to research problems and implement solutions
• During periods of peak testing (e.g., major releases) or as directed by the FISA Entity
Manager, the candidate will test software to ensure it meets specifications and identify any
defects. This task is done by using the online application, performing data analysis through
the use of a reporting tool, and, in certain scenarios, through the execution of batch scripts.
The candidate will also be expected to review and expand on business scenarios for the
System Test team to test program modifications made to functional processes and Business
Events programs.
• The candidate will have primary responsibility for testing, coordination and scheduling (i.e.,
management) of data fixes and mass data changes.
• Run simulations of business event processing and provide: detailed status reporting on
progress, detailed inventory of defects identified and in the scope of regression testing for the
event, very detailed reporting on transactional failures once the event has been
• Manage business event execution in production, which entails: assignment of tasks to
participating parties, collection of status of assigned tasks, execution of tasks assigned to the
candidate (e.g., reconciliation via data queries, plotting of numbers from executed reports
onto reconciliation worksheets, review of transaction processing success rates, escalation of
transaction rejections to individuals assigned for data correction or end users), dissemination
of post event processing results (in terms of document counts, dollar value, and qualitative
analysis of document processing results). Business events are generally executed during
times when the system is offline for batch processing or maintenance. The candidate is
expected to be able to provide evening or weekend support for business event execution.
• Attend scheduled meetings where RM's (change control tracking items) are reviewed with the
individuals from the development organization(s). The candidate will have an assigned
portfolio of RM's assigned and is expected to be prepared to speak to the business need in
production date, requirements of the fix requested of the development organization, status of
testing (if the candidate is performing user acceptance testing on behalf of the end users).
• Update assigned RM's in a timely and complete manner such that the development
organizations and release management staff are able to assess the assign, estimate and
schedule the ticket / work item effectively.
• Provide written status reports and timelines for the project management office when work
tracks have graduated to the level of a project and require centralized reporting. The
candidate may be expected to speak to the status of 'mini-projects' in management meetings
as necessary.
• Perform independent research and document findings on topics pertinent to the business of
the Financial Systems division – as requested by the FISA Entity Manager.
• Create DOE quality control reports and send to DOE staff. Follow up on DOE questions on
reported OC issues.
• Manage assigned system assurance report issues through to successful remediation (in the
same manner as described above for DOE related software issues)

The candidate will work under the direction of FISA Financial System DOE Entity Manager. With a wide degree of latitude for independent judgment, the Business Analyst is expected to perform the above activities for simple, medium and complex business problems.


Minimum Qual Requirements

1. A master's degree in computer science from an accredited college and three years of progressively more responsible, full-time, satisfactory experience using information technology in computer applications programming, systems programming, computer systems development, data telecommunications, database administration, planning of data/information processing, user services, or area networks at least 18 months of this experience must have been in an administrative, managerial or executive capacity in the areas of computer applications programming, systems programming, computer systems development, data telecommunications, data base administration, or planning of data processing or in the supervision of staff performing these duties; or
2. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college and four years of experience as described in "1" above; or
3. A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent approved by a State's department of education or recognized accrediting organization and six years of experience as described in "1" above; or
4. A satisfactory combination of education and experience equivalent to "1", "2" or "3" above. However, all candidates must have at least a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent approved by a State's department of education or recognized accrediting organization and must possess at least three years of experience as described in "1" above, including the 18 months of administrative, managerial, executive or supervisory experience as described in
"1" above.
Qualification Requirements (continued)
NOTE: The following types of experience are not acceptable: superficial use of preprogrammed software without complex programming, design, implementation or management of the product; use of word processing packages; use of a hand held calculator; primarily the entering or updating of data in a system; the operation of data processing hardware or consoles.

Preferred Skills

• Excellent oral and written communication skills and proven analytical and problem solving
• Ability to work independently with minimal direction and under pressure with tight deadlines.
• Hands-on proven experience balancing and reconciling financial data.
• Demonstrated proficiency with MS Access; MS Excel; and other Microsoft tools such as
Word, PowerPoint and Visio.
• Ability to speak in front of a user group and clearly describe how business functions are
executed from within the FISA Financial System software and exception process / usage
• Ability to orchestrate an end user meeting with the goal of: gathering requirements, gaining
consensus between parties on business issues, taking and publishing meeting minutes,
presenting deliverables developed by the candidate for review.
• Extensive knowledge of some or all of the following: FMS Accounting, FAMIS and FMS/3
System Assurance Processes

• Experience in a business analyst position for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project
working with budget and/or procurement and/or contract functionality, preferably Advantage
ERP accounting system with demonstrated experience using tools such as SQL, Crystal
Reports, MS Access, and Excel.
• Experience implementing a full System Development Lifecycle for an ERP system for a large,
complex organization.
• Experience developing test scripts and performing system / user testing for budget and/or
procurement and/or contract functionality, preferably Advantage ERP system.

Additional Information


To Apply

External applicants please visit to apply to Job ID # 210960. Current NYC employees may apply via Employee Self Service (ESS). While all complete applications will be given consideration, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by FISA. 



Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Residency Requirement

New York City Residency is not required for this position.