Clinical Information Manager

PA, NJ, NY, RI, and NC - Posted on: Wednesday 05/07/14


The Clinical Information Manager (CIM®) will provide scribe services at the direction of a physician or practitioner (Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant) allowing the physician or practitioner to spend more time with the patient, work more productively, and produce accurate and thorough documentation. A CIM® does not act independently, but documents the

previously determined physician or practitioner’s dictation and/or activities into the electronic medical record (EMR). CIMs help facilitate data flow by retrieving or locating diagnostic test results and facilitate patient flow by monitoring the patient’s stay, i.e. informing the provider when test results are back, if the results aren’t back following up to ensure they are completed. CIMs review the physician or practitioner documentation for coding criteria and assist in selecting the appropriate codes. This is an outstanding opportunity for pre-med, physician assistant and nursing students, EMTs or any other candidates interested in a career in healthcare.



- Bachelor’s degree preferred

- Biology coursework at the undergraduate level or above required; Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology coursework preferred

- Relevant work experience (1 or more years) in the healthcare field may be considered in lieu of the education and coursework requirement

- At least 100 hours of work, volunteer or shadowing experience in the healthcare field required; Experience in a direct

patient care environment preferred, i.e. Emergency Medical Technician, physician shadowing, clinical technician in a hospital, or a medical assistant in a doctor’s office, etc.


- Strong communication skills: grammatical, spelling, and verbal

- Excellent listening and note-taking skills

- Computer proficiency and the demonstrated ability to type 60 words per minute or above (adjusted for errors)

- Excellent organizational and time management skills

- Ability to work day, evening, overnight hours and weekend and holiday shifts

- Ability to remain calm in a fast paced, at times stressful environment

- Detail oriented with proven ability to work effectively under conditions requiring accuracy

- Basic understanding of medical terminology and general medical knowledge

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