Data and Analytics Services Group Lead

Berkeley, California - Posted on: Monday 04/07/14



- Lead and manage the Data and Analytics Services (DAS) Group, providing staff opportunities to grow and expand skill sets and duties.  Maintain a work environment that embraces diversity and fosters creativity and innovation.

- Work with other NERSC managers to set strategic direction for NERSC and implement NERSC’s strategic plan. 

- Take a lead role designing and implementing scalable data services, including the hardware,software and algorithms stack that can integrate into the main NERSC HPC systems.

- Take a lead role in understanding and gathering user data requirements by engaging with the user community

- Find and create innovative solutions to support existing and emerging user communities, particularly from the DOE user facilities, that have data intensive requirements

- Create and advocate for data management and curation policies that support users efforts to easily collaborate, share, move and manage data.

- Represent NERSC in the HPC community at conferences, workshops and by developing peer-to-peer contacts with staff at other HPC sites.

The Data & Analytics Services Group will:

- Provide expert advice to NERSC users on how to run complex workflows on NERSC systems. 

- Support NERSC’s database services and help users integrate database services into general workflows.

- Provide I/O expertise to NERSC users on parallel I/O library formats, improving application I/O performance, and using emerging I/O systems such as NVRAM.

- Have a strong understanding of the challenges presented by “Big Data” and the space of solutions being used to address these challenges, including machine learning tools, large scalable databases, data-parallel infrastructures, and searching tools.

- Develop and maintain the NERSC Science Gateway infrastructure

- Train NERSC users on data analysis, visualization, transfer, management, storage and curation.

- Maintain and support visualization, analytics, image processing and data transfer software.  Facilitate in-depth collaborations between NERSC users and the LBNL visualization and analytics group.

- Develop and support the NERSC Information Management (NIM) database, the primary source for NERSC user account information, allocations, project repositories and banking information.

- Collaborate with NERSC and LBNL research scientists for division and lab wide initiatives.



- Bachelor's degree and 10 years of relevant, progressive experience (or a combination of education and experience) plus at least 3 years in a leadership role.

- Broad computational background including experience with UNIX, FORTRAN and/or C/C++, python, MPI, web tools, databases. 

- Ability to work effectively with clients, understand user needs, and show initiative, tact, and judgment in developing solutions for users.

- Ability to assume lead role in activities, ability to grasp complex problems and develop solutions. 

- Experience writing technical documentation. - Ability to innovate new operational, service and support mechanisms.

- Ability to provide supervision, guidance and mentoring for the professionals and technical support staff in the group.

- Strong written and interpersonal communication skills.

Additional desired qualifications:

- A Ph.D., Master’s degree or research experience in a scientific, mathematics or computational, discipline such as:  statistics, data mining, analytics and visualization, applied mathematics, parallel  algorithms, parallel I/O, biology, chemistry, material science, physics or environmental science. 

- Proven track record leading teams with expertise spanning many subject areas - Experience with the software lifecycle from design and development through maintenance.

Interested candidates please apply online at: