Entry Level Reactor/Refueling Operations Engineer

Charleston, South Carolina - Posted on: Thursday 04/10/14


The Reactor/Refueling Operations Engineer position is an entry-level position that combines technical skills with people skills.  This position is not a desk job.  You will spend most of your time working with naval students in a one-on-one training environment.  We are looking for the engineer who is intelligent, outgoing, and is interested in a leadership position.
The Reactor/Refueling Operations Engineer will complete technical training and plant or refueling qualification responsibilities as applicable in an expeditious manner. Upon initial qualification, continue advanced technical training and refueling or plant qualification responsibilities in an expeditious manner. Candidates for this position are needed throughout the year, approximately three candidates every two months.  The initial assignment is a rigorous 15-month training program.  The first six months consists of 675 formal classroom hours plus mandatory homework and exams, conducted by Navy instructors at the Naval Nuclear Power School in Charleston, South Carolina.  The subjects include Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Radiological Fundamentals, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Chemistry, Materials, Physics, Reactor Dynamics and Reactor Plant Operations.  Successful completion of Nuclear Power School is required to continue in the Reactor/Refueling Operations Engineer training program.  The remaining nine months consists of on-the-job training, that includes some classroom and seminar-type instructions, at the Moored Training Ship Site in Charleston, South Carolina.  During the on-the-job training, candidates qualify at the various watch stations associated with operation of a nuclear propulsion plant.  Under the Navy Shift Engineer's direction, the qualified Reactor/Refueling Operations Engineer is then responsible for training naval personnel prior to their assignment as crew members of the nuclear submarines and surface ships of the U. S .fleet. The Reactor/Refueling Operations Engineer 
- instructs Naval a personnel on both theoretical and operational aspects of nuclear plant operation,
- advises on trainee progress and qualification,
- certifies adequate knowledge level has been attained as applicable,
- directs personnel during refueling operations as applicable.


Upon completing advanced qualifications, the Reactor/Refueling Operations Engineer will continue as the senior monitor assigned for both training on and the operation of a nuclear power plant or nuclear materials handling and all interrelated systems to ensure safe and efficient operation, or refueling operations in direct support of the Chief Refueling Engineer (CRE).

Required Skills - BS Degree in Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering required. - Strong academic record, minimum  3.5 grade point average - Leadership abilities - Strong communication skills - Ability to work a rotational shift assignment - U. S. Citizen - Ability to obtain U. S. Department of Energy security clearance

Preferred Skills Grade point average of 3.6 or better in overall, technical, and major areas.

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Interested candidates please complete the online application for Req # 12346 at https://bmpc.mua.hrdepartment.com/hrdepartment/ats/JobSearch/index