Entry Level Software Developer - Various Enterprise Software Companies

Locations throughout the United States - Posted on: Wednesday 01/08/14


- Create Code that meets design specification, follows standards, and is easy to maintain. When required, makes suggestions for new designs.

- Perform and design testing protocols to ensure that the product is fully tested.

- Ensure that all enhancements, bug fixes, and new products are documented.

- Work with various teams in the organization to ensure appropriate project requirements are met. Ability to teach other non-technical customers/other team members information about the code.

- Participate in a Development team that is responsible for developing quality software.

- Create product using a “test-driven design” approach.

- With experience, candidate will be expected to research problems, research various solutions, and devise a work plan to solve these problems.



- Experience working with software design, development methodologies and implementation.

- Experience working with appropriate programming languages, operating systems, hardware and software.

- Experience working with application design and development processes, including specification, documentation and quality assurance.

- Ability to learn how business issues may impact overall business plans.

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