Graphic Artist

Albany, New York - Posted on: Monday 04/14/14


Duties will vary by assignment, but include:
- Assisting in communicating Members’ views;
- Designing various print materials (mailers, newsletters, flyers, posters);
- Developing material for web pages;
- Creating graphics for social media purposes;
- Thorough knowledge of InDesign CS5.5, Adobe Photoshop CS5.1, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Illustrator CS5.5;
- Knowledge of the printing process, as well as preflight of files for print; and,
- Any other such duties as are necessary to the proper operation of this office.


This is an entry-level position. Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree; excellent graphic design skills; strong computer skills, including Adobe graphic design software applications; ability to work independently and under time pressure; and availability for extended work hours as required to meet legislative deadlines. Ideally candidates should have a strong interest in legislative communications, legislative process, public policy and familiarity with the structure of state government and statutory law.

Candidates will be required to take a graphic design test.

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Interested candidates should submit resumes and an application letter to: