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The New York City hotel industry has been experiencing a prolonged construction boom and it is vital to our members, and to those who work without the dignity of a union contract, that we maintain and improve union density in our industry. This year we plan to launch a new, long-term program to organize non-union hotels in the city on a large scale. Mobilizing our 27,000 members will be essential to winning this ambitious campaign.
We have built a rank-and-file leadership structure called the Hotel Employees Action Team (H.E.A.T.) System. The purpose of the H.E.A.T. System is to increase the participation of the membership in the union and to greatly enhance the union’s ability to mobilize our members for large-scale action, in order to organize non-union workers, to fight for higher wages and better benefits, and to increase the rights of hotel workers.



- Demonstrated commitment to social justice;

- Ability to motivate and inspire others;

- Ability to communicate respectfully and comfortably with people from diverse backgrounds;

- Ability to multitask, work efficiently, and be well organized;

- Willingness to work long hours, often on short (or immediate) notice;

- Willingness to handle a wide range of constantly changing responsibilities;

- Thorough attention to details;

- Resourcefulness and talent for problem-solving;

- Ability to learn quickly and grow into positions of greater responsibility;

- Ability to handle physically and mentally demanding assignments;

- Integrity;

- Persistence and determination;

- Loyalty to the organization;

- Reliability;

- Good judgment;

- Cooperative attitude.

Extra consideration will be given to candidates who possess any of the following:

- Bachelor's degree;

- Bilingual (in addition to English), especially in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian, Polish or Bengali;

- Strong computer skills and the ability to quickly learn new computer programs;

- Ability to write persuasively, clearly, and concisely;

- Knowledge of FileMaker Pro;

- Experience developing and maintaining databases;

- Graphic art and design skills;

- Web design and development experience;

- Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (especially Flash);

- Talent for photography and/or videography;

- Knowledge of Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects;

- Experience working in the hotel, restaurant, hospitality, or other service industries.

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Interested candidates please Send resume, references, and cover letter to: careers@nyhtc.org