Healthcare Data Analyst

Troy, New York - Posted on: Tuesday 04/01/14


The Healthcare Data Analyst is responsible for the overall success of Etransmedia’s Data Analytics platform deployment at major health systems and practices. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

- Assessing the overall scope of “big-data” healthcare analytics projects

- Organizing and overseeing healthcare data integration projects

- Communicating and coordinating with major health systems/practices customers about the project (inception through live roll out)

- Technical analysis of data models and requirements


Minimum requirements:

- Bachelor’s degree in information technology, engineering, science or business administration

- Coursework in data modeling, analytics or statistics

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills

- Excellent analytical skills

- Project management experience

- Superior knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel

- Familiarity with web technologies and IT Systems

Experience or coursework in healthcare or healthcare IT is a plus

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