Junior Analyst

Amelia Island, Florida - Posted on: Thursday 01/16/14



A junior analyst researches advertising and promotional trends of pharmaceutical companies using the dtw proprietary database of promotional objects. The analyst compares

promotional pieces over a period of time, usually on a quarterly basis, in a specific drug category (i.e., Osteoporosis), and then writes reports based on the results of the analysis.

Summary of essential job functions:

- Uses the CD Promo promotional database to research and analyze promotional materials from pharmaceutical companies.

- Writes reports, using PowerPoint, based on the results of the analysis


Minimum requirements:

- Bachelors Degree

- Pharmaceutical/Medical Experience Preferred

Abilities required:

- Good Analytical Skills Required

- Good Writing Skills Required - Organization Skills Required - Ability to use and understand all Microsoft Office programs

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To apply: Submit resume, cover letter and writing sample to alumnus Mr. Matthew Wetzel mwetzel@dtwresearch.com