Knowledge Engineer (Math Curriculum Developer)

Houston, Texas - Posted on: Monday 03/31/14


What do Knowledge Engineers at Reasoning Mind do?

One of the strongest curricula available for elementary and middle school mathematics is the curriculum developed in Russia in the 1960s and 1970s. The only problem is: it’s used in classrooms over there; we want to bring it to classrooms over here. Knowledge Engineers work with Reasoning Mind’s expert Russian mathematics teachers to learn about how they plan and carry out their lessons. (Note: no knowledge of the Russian language is required.) They then use this knowledge to design interactive online lessons that simulate the work of these teachers in software.

To design lessons, Knowledge Engineers write detailed scripts describing what the lessons should be like. In addition to clear explanations of mathematical concepts, Knowledge Engineers’ scripts contain interesting problems, engaging games, dialogue promoting good learning values, and much more. The Knowledge Engineer then works with artists, animators, and programmers to bring the lessons into existence in the Reasoning Mind system.


What knowledge and skills are needed?

Knowledge Engineers must have:

- Strong knowledge of mathematics

- Strong analytical skills

- Good interpersonal skills

- Good writing skills - Creativity

- Programming experience is not necessary.

Interested candidates please apply online at: