Lead Organizer

New York, NY - Posted on: Tuesday 04/01/14


- Lead research efforts to define campaign targets, strategies and objectives;
- Develop and coordinate the campaign approach;
- Formulate, recommend and administer campaign plans and budgets;
- Train and supervise organizers and other staff;
- Direct recruitment and training of organizing committees.
- Lead Organizers may also be assigned to work on internal and external organizing in Washington, DC.


- Demonstrated commitment to social justice;

- Experience working as a union organizer and lead organizer on bottom-up organizing campaigns, and building rank-and-file organizing committees;

- Ability to motivate and inspire others;

- Ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing;

- Ability to establish close relationships with people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds;

- Ability to multitask, work efficiently and be well organized;

- Ability to handle physically and mentally demanding assignments;

- Thorough attention to details;

- Willingness to work long hours, often on short (or immediate) notice;

- Willingness to travel on behalf of the union when necessary;

Preferred: Bilingual (in addition to English), especially in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian, Polish or Bengali; Preferred: Valid driver's license; Preferred: Research, advocacy, political or corporate campaign experience.

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Interested candidates please Send resume, references, and cover letter to: careers@nyhtc.org