Program Coordinator II - Administrative Services - Capital Region

Capital Region - Posted on: Monday 01/27/14


The work involves responsibility for training and instructing school district personnel using various administrative and student management software applications supported by a BOCES Regional Information Center (RIC). The incumbent provides technical assistance in the use of administrative and student management software applications including grade and attendance reporting. The position of Program Coordinator II (Administrative Services) differs from that of Program Coordinator I (Administrative Services) by virtue of the fact that a Program Coordinator II’s (Administrative Services) duties and responsibilities, as well as the knowledge and experience pertaining to the software applications, are more extensive
than that of a Program Coordinator I (Administrative Services). A Program Coordinator II (Administrative Services) also exercises more independent judgment in the performance of his/her duties and responsibilities and serves as a lead worker.




Trains and assists school district staff on stand alone computers and software applications used to perform student management, business office, or guidance office functions. Assists school district personnel with the implementation of the technology aspects of school district management programs. Tests and installs administrative and student management software applications/updates and analyzes and resolves computer hardware and software problems either onsite or by phone. Meets with school district technology personnel and administrators to discuss requests for program changes, advise on hardware and software purchases and coordinate technology projects. Orders and tracks software applications purchased for school districts and maintains detailed written records on training and services provided. Participates in regional user group meetings for the support and development of services supported by BOCES. Distributes training documents, manuals, revisions, and memos, newsletter and other information pertaining to software use in a school district. Documents software changes requested by component school districts and forwards it to the appropriate software company. Researches new and updated software before distributing it to a school district. Advises and makes recommendations to school personnel regarding hardware and software purchases. Maintains an up-to-date knowledge on emerging theories and best practices in technology integration. Prepares and submits written and statistical reports related to program activities for the BOCES and New York State Education Department. Ensures end of year fiscal reporting for school districts and configures software for new fiscal year. Maintains an inventory of all computer-related equipment within a school district or districts. Serves as lead worker on projects involving other Program Coordinators.

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