Research Associate - Equinox Group

Lexington, Massachusetts - Posted on: Monday 02/10/14


Research Associate (RA) is the entry-level research position at Equinox Group. Candidates are typically recruited as they complete their undergraduate education. It takes strong analytical capability to succeed in the position. Each new RA is assigned a mentor (a senior staff member), receives introductory training in Equinox Group methods and procedures, and works on client cases shortly after joining the company.

RAs get involved in most aspects of client cases, giving them immediate exposure to client needs and the analytical solutions Equinox uses to meet those needs. Within one or two years, RAs develop a basic fluency in each of the company’s key competencies, and they gain proficiency in Excel and Visual Basic. Ordinarily, an RA will be responsible for parts of two to four projects simultaneously. Projects tend to last from two to four months.



Research Associates typically have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in biology, mathematics/statistics, chemistry, or economics.

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