Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA - Posted on: Friday 10/30/15


The technology industry is soaring and companies are hiring more aggressively than ever before. Yet, talented students tell us that companies regularly reject them before they are even invited for an interview. At Lytmus, we’re offering you a foot in the door.

Each week Lytmus partners with hot technology companies that are hiring software engineers. We then give you the chance to tryout for these companies through coding tasks that showcase your skills. This approach allows you to get hired based on what you can do instead of what’s listed on your resume. You’ll also receive a guaranteed response within 7 days and a skills report that will show you how you did and where you can improve.  We'll be holding Tryouts from now up until the end of the year, with different companies listed every couple of weeks. 

Here's a brief video that explains the process in more detail:


To Apply:

Head over to and submit your resume. Showcase your skills and land your dream job. Start your Tryout today!