Training Specialist

Albany, NY - Posted on: Monday 02/09/15


To work directly with school districts identified through the VESID regional planning process to bring and sustain high quality, research-based practices in the areas of literacy, behavioral supports and special education instruction to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Responsible for program and coordination of a Statewide Technical Assistance Program for providing assistance to school districts regarding Special Education throughout the Capital Region BOCES. To assist targeted districts in providing quality services to SWD’s and those at risk of being identified, as well as helping high need/low resource districts to identify and remediate root causes of poor performance in VESID Key Performance Indicators. This involves coaching stakeholder teams in the completion of root cause analysis and problem solving process as well as provides professional development to our districts. To coordinate training efforts that will increase the knowledge and skills of educators in providing special education services that will serve to include students in the least restrictive environment in order to achieve NYS learning standards.


New York State Special Education Teaching Certification. Five years experience in teaching, provision of related services with students with disabilities at the elementary or secondary level and/or administration of special education programs for students with disabilities.

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