Focus on First-Year

Student contributing images and back stories:
Katie Beale, Emily Brower, Elana Katz, Jigme Norbu, Sarah Rand,

Samantha Tyler

The transition from high school to college is an exciting journey. In the fall of 2010, we started a new program at Union called Focus on First-Year. A group of students, with an interest in photography, met once a week to discuss photographs they took surrounding several different themes associated with their transition to Union. Participants presented their photographs and discussed the back story for each image.

The students who participated in the program were able to explore their transition to Union through the photographs they took. They were able to meet other students who had an interest in photography. Additionally, they were able to learn more about Union’s campus through the images others presented. We had a diverse group of students from ten different states and 2 different countries. Photos were taken on a variety of cameras from mobile phones to advanced SLR cameras. The diversity of the images represented the diversity of our group.

Last year was our trial year and it was a resounding success. The students, asked that we continue the program so that others would have the same opportunity they had. What follows is a sample of images and back stories students presented for several of the themes.  If you are interested in participating in this program during fall term, please complete and return your application. (pdf)