Student Handbook - Academic Policies

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is responsible for the formulation of educational policy, matters involving the faculty, and all academic related processes. The Academic Affairs Office includes the Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of Academic Departments and Programs, the Dean of Studies, and the Dean of Academic Programming and Resources.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculty has the responsibility for all academic matters related to faculty and students, the curriculum, and academic budgeting. Supervisory responsibilities include Information Technology Services, Intercollegiate Athletics, International Programs, Registrar’s Office, Schaffer Library, the Union College Academy for Lifelong Learning (UCALL), the Director of Engineering, and the Director of Assessment.

The Dean of Academic Departments and Programs oversees all academic departments and interdisciplinary program, plays a key role in faculty recruiting, curriculum development, and advising the Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculty on matters associated with the review and promotion of faculty. Supervisory duties include the Director of Interdisciplinary Programs and all academic department chairs and program directors.

The Dean of Studies has responsibility for implementation of academic policies and has supervisory responsibilities that include Academic Mentoring Programs, Academic Opportunity Program, Advising, the Common Curriculum (General Education), Health Professions Program, the Law and Public Policy Program, Post Baccalaureate Fellowships & Scholarships, Scholars Program, Undergraduate Research, and the Writing Center.

The Dean of Academic Planning and Resources manages the academic finances and facilities, supervises the Engineering Machine Lab and supports the Vice President of Academic Affairs, other Academic Affairs Deans, faculty, administrators, and staff within Academic Affairs on various resource matters.