Student Handbook - Academic Policies

Intercollegiate Athletics

Guidelines for Participation

The College recognizes the many benefits—for participants and the College community as a whole—of intercollegiate athletics. At the same time, the College affirms the priority of its academic mission. Consequently, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Student athletes must recognize that the academic demands of the College take precedence in any situation in which conflicts arise between academic obligations and practice for participation in athletics.
  • Student athletes must recognize that it is their responsibility, not that of the professor, to accommodate the demands of athletic participation to their academic responsibilities. While professors are often sympathetic to the conflicts that do arise, they are not obligated to make changes in schedules, assignments, or tests in these situations either for practices or intercollegiate contests or the travel they require.
  • If conflicts arise, it is the obligation of the student to inform both the professors and the coaches and to find a way to meet the academic obligation. Students are advised to discuss potential conflicts with their professors at the beginning of each term.
  • The first obligation of all students is to attend classes as scheduled. Missing a class or lab to attend a practice is not acceptable.
  • It is the responsibility of athletic coaches to design a weekly practice schedule that does not conflict with academic classes. Practice schedules that include meetings before 4:30 p.m. must be set after students have registered for classes to avoid influencing a student’s selection of courses.
  • The College encourages faculty to make clear their policies on attendance and the dates of examinations at the start of each term on the syllabi.

Approved by AAC on May 8, 2000