Student Handbook - Conduct Code

Interim Restrictions

The President, Dean of Students, or designee may impose Interim Restrictions, (i.e. altered privileges) up to and including an interim suspension, immediately upon notice of a charge of Proscribed Conduct, where the President or Dean of Students determines that such Interim Restrictions are appropriate for ensuring public order and/or safety.  The Interim Restrictions shall remain in effect until a final decision has been made regarding pending complaints or until the Dean of Students determines that the reason for imposing the Interim Restrictions no longer exists.

A student shall receive written notice of the Interim Restrictions as well as notice of the preliminary charges, including date and location of the reported incident(s) If a criminal investigation is pending (i.e. outside the College’s administrative investigation), the Interim Restrictions may be extended until the matter is resolved through the criminal law process or sooner if College officials are able to assess that a student’s presence on campus does not pose a significant risk to a member or members of the College community.

The College may notify parent(s) or legal guardians of dependent students or students under eighteen (18) years of age of the Interim Restrictions and, when applicable, of any alternative housing arrangements.