Student Handbook - Intellectual Property Guidelines

Intellectual Property Policy applies to any member of the faculty, administration, staff, student body, postdoctoral fellow or visiting scientist, whether or not they receive all or any part of their salary or other compensation from the College.

This policy applies to patents and copyrights, and it is intended to:

  1. provide an incentive to creative intellectual effort and the advancement of knowledge.
  2. ensure that the respective interests of the College, and supporting sponsor (if any) are considered and protected through the development of fair contracts and procedures;
  3. assist the Staff and the College to realize tangible benefits from Intellectual Property, and advance and encourage further research within the College with whatever funds accrue to the College from Intellectual Property resulting from College research.

Students involved in research with faculty can consult with them about the terms of this policy and its application to student research. The entire policy can be found in the Union College Faculty Manual.