Student Handbook - The Point System

The points system was developed to make the disciplinary sanctioning process clearer, more consistent, and more predictable for students.

Under the points system, a student found responsible for violating College policy is assigned points according to the table of violations provided. Points and/or other sanctions are assigned at the conclusion of the administrative review or judicial hearing process. The points are cumulative over the course of a student’s time at Union College. Previous violations are always considered before points and/or sanctions are assigned for violations. 

Evidence shows the irresponsible use of hard alcohol (liquor) by Union students greatly increases the risk of harm to themselves and others.  Therefore, more severe sanctions will be imposed upon any student found to have distributed hard alcohol or consumed it in excess. Students age 21 and older may possess moderate amounts of hard alcohol.

Moderate=750 ml or 2 pints

The chart below shows examples of violations and the associated point values. Points are assigned within a given range based upon the circumstances of the specific incident.  This list is not inclusive of all possible violations.  All sanctions are subject to the discretion of the hearing officer.

Sanctions and Points System Assessment

 Violations Point Range
 Involvement in any conduct code violation (listed or unlisted) 1-10



 Possession and/or consumption of wine or beer under 21 1-2
 Possession or consumption of hard liquor 3-4
 Possession of bulk alcohol/binge drinking device 2-4
 Open container of wine, beer, or hard liquor 1-4
 Public intoxication 2-4
 Unauthorized party with alcohol 3-7
 Providing alcohol to students under 21 3-5
 Irresponsible use of alcohol* 4-6
 Driving under the influence 6-8
 Marijuana use and/or possession 4-6
 Drug paraphernalia possession 4-6
 Illegal drug use and/or possession (excluding marijuana) 6-10
 Distribution of illegal/controlled substances 10




 False identification (including possession or use of fake ID) 2
 Failure to comply with a College official 2-4
 Unauthorized access 2-4
 Lewd behavior (urinating in public, streaking, flashing, etc) 1-3
 Disorderly conduct 2-4
 Aggressive physical behavior (shoving, punching, fighting) 8-10
 Theft 3-10
 Harassment and Sexual Harassment 4-8
 Acts of intolerance 6-10
 Hazing 6-10
 Vandalism** 6-10
 Sexual Assault*** 10
 Sexual Misconduct and Exploitation 2-9
 Retaliation 6-10
 Weapons/Dangerous Materials 8-10




 Housing policy violations 0-2
 Life safety violations 0-4
 Smoking policy violations 1-2
 Excessive noise 1-2
 Failure to leave building during fire alarm 3
 Discharge of fire extinguisher 6
 Fireworks 5-7
 Setting off fire alarm 4-8


* Situations in which the Good Samaritan Policy has been held to apply will have no points assigned.

** Students found responsible for intentional or reckless destruction of college or private property are assigned 6-10 points with the possibility of being suspended from the college.  The only exception is for students who turn themselves in to Campus Safety or Residential Life within 48 hours following the incident.  These students will receive a 3 point reduction.  Any student found in violation of the Vandalism Policy will be required to pay the cost of the repair/replacement, with a $100 minimum charge, plus a $100 vandalism fine.

*** Up to and including expulsion


Acts of Intolerance / Bias Related Incidents
Please see the Bias Related Conduct Policy. 

Aggressive Physical Behavior
Behavior that threatens or endangers oneself or the well-being or safety of others, or results in personal injury to others.  This behavior includes, but is not limited to pushing, shoving, punching, fighting, or the threat of any such behavior, and is prohibited by the College.  

Disorderly Conduct
Intentionally causing, or recklessly creating a risk of, disruption to the College community or local community including by such acts as (i) violent, tumultuous, or threatening behavior; (ii) unreasonably loud or belligerent behavior; or (iii) obstruction of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. 

Failure to Comply
Failure to comply with the proper requests of College officials, including members of the Campus Safety Department, acting in performance of their duties, or to identify oneself or produce an identification card to these officials when asked, or to cooperate in an official investigation is a violation of the College policy. 

False Identification
Falsification or misuse of any document, record or instrument of identification is a violation of College policy.  Similarly, the use or possession of a fake ID on campus for any reason is prohibited. 

Verbal abuse, intimidation, coercion, physical force or any other action, including abusive and offensive behavior.  

Lewd Behavior
This behavior includes, but is not limited to, urinating outside of designated facilities, public nudity, and sexual acts in public.

Taking adverse actions against person participating in the disciplinary process; including but not limited to verbal/physical assault, threats, or other inappropriate behavior.   

Actual or attempted theft of personal or College property or services by an individual on campus. In addition, the willful possession of stolen property is a violation of College policy.  

Unauthorized Access
Attempting to enter, actually entering, or using College facilities or property without proper authorization.  Intentional or reckless destruction and damage to College or private property.  

Weapons and Dangerous Materials
Possession or use of any type of firearm or any other potentially dangerous weapon is prohibited. Weapons of any kind are dangerous and have no place in a college community. All instruments which can be construed as weapons including, but not limited to, Airsoft guns, BB guns, pellet guns, handguns, rifles, pistols, knives (blade length over 3”), bows and arrows, swords, brass knuckles, night sticks, and handcuffs may not be brought onto College property. Students wishing to bring any such property to campus for sporting purposes must register the weapon or firearm with Campus Safety and store it in the Campus Safety Office.