Student Handbook - Campus Safety Rules

Environmental Health Safety Office (EHS) Life Safety

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office develops, implements and oversees all phases of environmental health and life safety issues that directly impact work, study and living conditions at Union College. It is our ultimate goal to establish and maintain a  work and academic environment free from all safety hazards through a proactive approach to life safety. Union’s accomplished Environmental Health & Safety staff, stands as a vital resource to all students, faculty, staff and administrators addressing modern environmental issues of today.

The EHS office also functions proactively in identification and determination of existing or potential safety and health hazards, in an effort to eliminate or control such hazards. The EHS staff is available to provide interpretations of current regulations, laws and codes as they pertain to Union College operations. The department is also responsible for periodic inspections of the Union College facilities and operations to determine compliance to applicable regulations, laws and codes that govern Union College’s environmental health and safety.

The Environmental Health and Safety office  to maintains reference materials from governmental sources, standard associations and educational resources affecting campus operations. Five Staff members are available to assist with technical interpretations of the aforementioned reference material. They are also available to assist Union College community members in the development of additional, appropriate environmental health and safety standards for unique campus situations.

In addition to life safety inspections performed by the Residential Life staff of Union College, the College is subject to annual fire inspections conducted by The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control (NYSOFPC).  These inspections are conducted in conjunction with the EHS Office.  The NYS Inspections primarily involve the inspection of common and mechanical areas of the building. We DO NOT inspect all the student rooms, only rooms that are occupied and a certain percentage per floor area.


The NYSOFPC has the authority to issue fines for violations as noted within the New York State Fire Code. By law, fines imposed by NYSOFPC are levied directly to the property owner (Union College) and not the individual responsible for the violation.  Should the NYSOFPC discover a violation, the College is given time to correct it and avoid a monetary penalty. 


As such, if the College is cited for a violation resulting from the act of a student, that student will be notified by the Environmental Health and Safety Office and requested to correct the violation.  If the violation is not remedied and the NYSOFPC levies a fine against the College, the College can recoup penalty monies from the student. Fines imposed as a result of inspections performed by the New York State Office of fire Prevention and control may vary in amount even if they are for the same violations as those imposed by the College.