Student Handbook - Sexual Assault & Misconduct

Sexual Assault, Misconduct, Relationship Violence and Sexual Harassment

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Information on reporting options is available at our Sexual Assault Resources website.  This site also describes a number of available resources.

Union College is an educational community where strong emphasis is placed on self-discovery and awareness. Where such an atmosphere exists for freedom of expression, however, it must always be combined with a mutual respect and consideration for the lives and feelings of others. In such a setting, there is no place for conduct that diminishes, uses, or abuses other individuals. Any violation of trust, any form of sexual intimidation, exploitation, or discrimination jeopardizes the mission of the institution and threatens the educational experience and well-being of students. Union College will not tolerate sexual misconduct, and the institution will take appropriate action, as deemed necessary, to prevent and address such conduct.

It is the policy of Union College, in keeping with efforts to establish an environment in which the dignity and worth of all members of the institutional community are respected, to view sexual misconduct, relationship violence and sexual harassment of students as unacceptable conduct that will not be tolerated. This policy includes all forms of sexual discrimination including sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, and sexual violence by employees, students, or third parties.

Recognizing its responsibility to uphold the tenets inherent in this policy, the College thus establishes the following procedures and guidelines designed to educate and inform students relative to: (1) the rights of the victim and the accused; (2) the definition of sexual misconduct, relationship violence and sexual harassment; and (3) procedures for filing and resolving related complaints.

A student who believes he/she has been a victim of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment is encouraged to report it immediately. To consult with a College official confidentially, contact the Sexual Assault Resource Hotline (518-388-6600 x1) for options.  Union College has established a document entitled “Union College Sexual Assault Reporting Procedures” and “Sexual Assault Anonymous Reporting Form” located at

Union College has designated the following individuals to receive complaints: (1) the Title IX Coordinator at x8327 (518-388-8327) or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator (for further contact information, see “Title IX” section); (2) the Dean of Students or his/her designees at x6116 (518-388-6116); and (3) Campus Safety at x6911 (518-388-6911).

This policy explains Union’s approach to investigating, adjudicating, and disciplining acts of sexual misconduct, relationship violence and sexual harassment. Many acts of sexual misconduct and relationship violence are also crimes. Union strongly encourages the reporting of such incidents to the local police by dialing 911. Campus Safety will assist a student in reporting an incident to the police if the student so requests. The criminal process is separate and distinct from this policy. The fact that a criminal complaint has been filed, prosecuted, or dismissed will not prevent Union from pursuing disciplinary action or interim restrictions during the pendency of the criminal action.

The College assists victims of sexual misconduct, relationship violence and sexual harassment. In addition to offering support services, the College maintains a campus disciplinary process. The Student Code of Conduct contains the policies, regulations, and procedures of the campus judicial system which govern the behavior of students. If you would like to know more about the campus judicial system, you may contact the Dean of Student’s Office at x6116 (518-388-6116).