Snow Removal Policy

What is involved in plowing Union's Campus?
  • Our goal is to keep Union’s campus open to traffic during any winter storm event.
  • Our goal is to have the roads, walkways, handicap ramps, stairs, and loading docks clear 24 hours following the end of any winter storm event.
Plowing Priorities: (In order of priority) 
  • Assure all fire and emergency vehicle lanes are plowed.
  • The campus calendar is reviewed to verify what events are taking place that day and these areas are plowed and salted before the event.
  • Faculty/staff parking lots and adjacent sidewalks.
  • All major sidewalks from the campus residence halls leading to the academic buildings.
  • All secondary sidewalks.
  • Campus roadways are narrow and snow removal equipment is large, with poor visibility.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus should use caution when operating vehicles or walking in the vicinity of plow trucks and snow removal equipment as it difficult for the operator to see, hear, and stop quickly.
  • Many of the campus walkways are concrete. Under the right conditions, walkways will freeze over before roadways, quickly creating a dangerous situation before crews can get to it. Pedestrians should proceed with caution during freezing rain.
  • In the event of a winter condition which has snow turning to freezing rain, concrete walkways will be left with snow covering them to prevent slippery surfaces on bare concrete.
Parking during winter storms:
  • It is very important to park only in designated parking areas during winter snow storms.
  • Parking on campus roadways an in delivery areas cripples the snow removal operation.
  • Illegally parked vehicles may terminate snow removal efforts in these areas until vehicles are removed.
Resident student parking lots:
  • After large winter storms of six inches or more, students may be asked to remove their vehicle from their assigned parking in order to completely remove snow from these parking lots.
  • Resident students will be notified by the Union College Safety Department by voice mail and email with instructions.
  • Parking lot cleaning will occur only on the weekends for the major parking lots
  • Major parking lots are Fox/ Davidson, West College, Richmond, and the Class of 1943 parking lot (Raymond/Potter/Hickok/Edwards).
  • Parking lot clearing generally takes a day to complete and it is important that your vehicle is returned to its assigned parking lot before the start of working hours ( 6:30 am. ) the following Monday or parking problems will occur.

Any questions or comments should be directed to the Facilities Services main office at 388-6181.