Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant in Chinese

Award Date: April 2012


Associate Professor Cheikh Ndiaye (French/ Chair of Modern Languages ) with Zhen Zhang (Assistant Professor of Chinese) have successfully secured a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) in Chinese for the 2012-13 academic year.


The FLTA is a welcome and exciting resource for Union's Chinese program.  The FLTA's primary responsibility will be to assist in teaching first and second year Chinese and Russian language courses. In conjunction with that work, the FLTA will lead practice or drill sessions, offer guided conversational activity, and provide tutoring as appropriate. The FLTA will also attend and actively participate in Language Table and Language Club meetings. Union's Chinese language and literature program was started some years ago and currently includes four years of language instruction as well as a variety of courses in Chinese literature, film, culture, etc. The College also conducts an annual Study Abroad program at Fudan University (Shanghai), and encourages all students minoring in Chinese to spend a term in Fudan. It is not yet possible for a student to major in Chinese language and literature, but the College is working toward that end. Union has a thriving Asian Studies program and it is possible for a student to major in Asian Studies. The College offers courses in Chinese History, Politics and Foreign Policy, Art, Traditional Chinese Medicine (including a summer mini-term abroad in Beijing), in additional to the Chinese language, literature, and culture courses described above. Our Asian Studies program was expanded with support from a four-year Freeman Foundation grant; a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation enabled Union to hire a Chinese language and culture faculty member who now is tenured. The addition of a Chinese FLTA to our program in recent academic years has been invaluable and a great asset. We are honored and grateful to continue this relationship, thereby offering a tremendous opportunity for expanded exposure to the language and culture.