International Continental Scientific Drilling Program

Award Date: June 2010


Professor of Geology Donald Rodbell has been awarded a $40,000 grant to develop and conduct a workshop under the ICDP for Lake Junin (Peru) as an ICDP Site.  Prof. Rodbell collaborated with Oregon State University to propel this proposed workshop project forward.  The purpose of the workshop is to convene an international workshop in Tarma, Peru in order to assemble and international team of scientists to develop an ICDP proposal for the deep drilling of Lake Junin, Peru.

Lake Junin is located at 4000 m elevation in an intermontane basin of the central Peruvian Andes and is one of the few tropical lakes that predate the region’s maximum extent of glaciation. It is situated in a geomorphic position to record the waxing and waning of alpine glaciers in the nearby cordillera. The lake is unique in the tropical Andes for the combined three following reasons:

  1. The lake is at least several hundred thousand years old.
  2. During non-glacial intervals, Lake Junin generates authigenic carbonate (marl) at a rate of about 1 mm per year.
  3. During glacial intervals, marl sedimentation is replaced by the rapid deposition of glacial sediment.