The Center for Neuroscience - National Science Foundation

Award Date: September 2010


Union College was awarded a $900,000 grant through the NSF's Academic Research Infrastructure - Recovery and Reinvestment Program (ARI-R^2) program to support the construction of research and research training spaces to establish the Center for Neuroscience.  The project is led by PI Stephen Romero (Psychology) and co-PIs Robert Olberg (Biology), Quynh Chu-LaGraff (Biology) and Christopher Chabris (Psychology) with close efforts tied to the Facilities Services, Information Technology Services, and the Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies, J. Douglass Klein.

This project will co-locate neuroscience research facilities, currently scattered among three buildings, and will also increase synergy with bioengineering.  Faculty in the renovated labs will conduct research and research training in areas of: neuroplasticity; human cognitive abilities and behavioral dispositions; sex differences in spatial cognition; cognitive genetics; neural control of behavior; and basic molecular mechanisms underlying pediatric neurological disorders.  Techniques include intracellular recording and dye injection of individual neurons, high-speed video analysis of flight behavior; behavioral methodologies, neuroimaging and electrophysiological techniques.  The proposed Butterfield Hall renovation project is an important element in Union’s plan to enhance its science and engineering facilities.  This renovation will allow Union’s neuroscience research program to fully take advantage of its interdisciplinary structure.  Core faculty from biology, psychology, and bioengineering will interact more freely, leading to more and better research opportunities for faculty and students.