National Science Foundation: Brison 2010

Award Date: September 2010


The National Science Foundation has awarded Professor Brison a grant for $74,992 to support the project “A Multi-Sited Ethnography of Global Pentecostal Networks: The View From Fiji” through the Research at Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) mechanism.  This award complements Karen’s earlier success this year in securing funding through USC’s Pentecostal Charismatic Research Initiative (PCRI) program.   

This NSF award will enable Prof. Brison to examine the participation of Fijian Pentecostals in global networks, particularly those involving connections between Pentecostals from nations outside of the US and Europe. The research will involve visiting missionaries in Tanzania and Kenya and working with diaspora communities in the UK and US.  A second focus will be on missionaries from African and Korean independent churches working in Fiji.  An undergraduate researcher will work with Prof. Brison to collect life history narratives, analyze the content of sermons, testimonies, conversion narratives, prayer meetings and weekly cell group meetings.  The research will foster the integration of research and education by involving the undergraduate researcher and using research results in a course on Global Christianity.