The Teagle Foundation

Award Date: May 2011


Gettysburg College, Union College, and Washington and Lee University will collaborate in using assessment data to develop plans for improving learning outcomes at their respective campuses. All three institutions will address two common themes of interdisciplinarity and student engagement, each with attention to particular campus programs: Union will strengthen students’ integrative learning by developing a “plan of study” around existing curricular programs; Gettysburg will promote and reinforce students’ mastery of curricular goals through its First-Year Seminar/First-Year Experience program; and Washington and Lee will assess and enhance teaching models and programmatic elements in its recently revitalized spring term. The three colleges will share data analysis, provide insight from experience, and offer valuable institutional perspective on the use of assessment to design sustainable courses, programs, and curricula. By collaborating to explore how best practices might be borrowed and adapted from other institutions, we will deepen our understanding of student engagement, interdisciplinary teaching and learning, and assessment structures.