Approval Process

Grant Application - Internal Approval Process

Before submission, grant proposal information must be circulated to the following individuals for review, approvals, and final authorization to submit, using the Grant Proposal Approval Form:

  1. Director of Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations or the Director of Sponsored Programs
  2. Department Chair(s)
  3. Dean of Academic Departments and Programs
  4. Assistant Director or Senior Director of Financial Services
  5. Dean of Academic Planning and Resources
  6. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty (final authority to approve submission)

The following additional approvers are required if the proposed project has ANY impact on Union College resources, as described below.  Grant applicants MUST contact the responsibility-center director as early as possible in the proposal development process to allow sufficient time for considering the impact on resources and processing special requests or considerations

Contact the following individuals for proposed activities impacting Union College facilities, equipment, and other resources (see below):

  • Director of Undergraduate Research
  • Chief Information Officer (Information Technology Services)
  • Director of Facilities Services
  • Department Chair(s)
  • Academic Dean(s)
  • Other individuals as required, determined in consultation with OFCGR.

The following are examples of impact on Union College facilities, equipment, and other resources:

  • Physical space to house new equipment
  • Alterations/renovations to existing physical space
  • ITS or technician support for new equipment installation, training, or operations and maintenance
  • Equipment operations and maintenance beyond the grant period
  • Data Management Plans (required for all NSF proposals)
  • Purchase/acquisition of computer hardware, software, licenses, other
  • Computer, website, server, system networking, cabling, other
  • Course release or other leave
  • Departmental administrative/clerical support
  • Office, computer, phone for new personnel to be hired through grant funds
  • Schaffer Library resources, inter-library loan, fee-based database usage, etc.
  • Other, if determined in consultation with OFCGR