Blogs and Blurbs

Mini-Term – Alaska
[Living on the Edge blog] 
This area of Alaska is still very wild with much geologic research to still be completed.

Term Abroad – Australia
[Shabana Beyond Borders blog] | posted by Shabana Hoosein
I'm going to live half way across the world for 4 months! Its hard to take in and to be honest, I'm slightly nervous...

Mini-Term – Civil Rights
[Civil Rights Mini-Term - Union College] 
Gain an understanding of the Civil Rights movement.

Mini-Term – Community Service
[Combining Learning and Service for a Better World blog] 
Now we can say we helped rebuild some of the wetlands and it is a rewarding experience.

Term Abroad – France (Rennes)

Experience the term through video, thanks to Eric Greffen, the film maker, Keith Martin, and the students, friends and families in Rennes.

Term Abroad – Germany (Berlin and Freiburg)

[Spring In Deutschland!] | posted by Erica Fugger
I was just proud of myself for being able to communicate effectively in another language!

Independent Study Abroad – South Africa

[Down South] | posted by Malebogo Thlajoane
With a fire in our hearts and a will to do some good...we left the comforts of Schenectady and crossed the Atlantic.

[Lily on the Loose] | posted by Lily Cudmore
One day we are scrubbing dusty books, the next we are taking children’s weight and height measurements.

Term Abroad - Vietnam
[Union/HWS Blog]
Experience the term through stunning photos and text.