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Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinarity at Union College

Interdisciplinarity allows creative educational opportunities through combining two or more academic disciplines. Indeed, often boundaries are pushed and new discoveries made at the margins of established field and research methods. Union College recognizes the rich possibilities of interdisciplinary studies by offering many opportunities for both faculty and students to engage with multiple disciplines - and each other - in collaborative classroom settings, innovative majors, and unique research initiatives.

Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

Vibrant interdisciplinary studies (IS) can be pursued through a variety of designated degree programs at Union College. Students are able to major and/or minor in our many Interdisciplinary Studies Programs (ISP) in wide-ranging topics from Film Studies to Science, Medicine and Technology in Culture (see complete listing of programs to the left). In addition to the formal interdisciplinary studies programs, students may complete an Interdepartmental major (ID), which typically involves taking a reduced number of courses from the full major within two Departments or Programs. Please consult the specific departmental and program listings for details on creating a combined ID major. If students have a specific interdisciplinary interest that is not covered by any of these options, they are also able to create an Organizing Theme major (OT) of their own design, drawing from multiple departments and programs. Finally, Union College partners with several other institutions to offer accelerated dual-degree programs in engineering, business, law, education, Latin American Studies, and medicine (see listing of dual degree programs to the left).

 Selected Interdisciplinary Events

Tuesday, May 20 at 6:00 pm in front of the Nott Memorial

A day to commemorate human and natural rights. Many people, species, and parts of nature have disappeared, as a result of war, of global warming (species, glaciers, water, monarch butterflies, etc.), and as a result of human actions (sex trafficking, guns, political violence, kidnapping, etc.). History marks the big events but there are many disappearances.

 Seventh Symposium on Engineering and Liberal Education
June 6-7, 2014

This year, the symposium will open with a reception/happy hour in the Nott Memorial on Friday, June 6 from 4:00-5:00. Following the reception/happy hour, the keynote speaker will be Dr. Maria Klawe, President of Harvey Mudd College who will give a talk entitled “Passion with a Purpose: Using your life to change the world”.

On Saturday, June 7, there are two special sessions on "The Role of Liberal Education in Increasing Participation of Women in STEM-C" and "Modules for Liberal Studies in Engineering" as well as general submission talks.

We would ask that you register so that we can plan for the meals on each day (the symposium registration is free and all meals are included). The full schedule is available here.

October 14-18

Courses, concerts and other events are being scheduled to support the conference. A message from Prof. Hilary Tann on behalf of the conference directors and organizing committees.