Leadership in Medicine

The curriculum at Union stresses thorough preparation in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.  When combined with coursework in healthcare management at Union Graduate College, students are provided with a breadth of knowledge and understanding not typically found in premedical programs.

Advanced Placement Policy

Many of the students enrolled in the Leadership in Medicine Program bring excellent results on Advanced Placement work to Union. Student with scores of 4 or 5 on the AP examinations in biology, chemistry or physics or on either of the AP Calculus exams are encouraged to take more advanced courses at the College.

Health Care Practicum

The Practicum in Healthcare Management affords students the opportunity to spend approximately one day per week in the field for one trimester, observing health care managers and completing projects for their assigned organization. Students spend 3-5 hours/week researching disciplinary areas related to their practicum experience. The class meets as a group every other week to discuss students’ field experiences and selected readings. By the completion of the course, students will be able to: describe the types of settings in which health care managers work and the challenges associated with working in these settings; define the agendas and functions typical of key organizational stakeholders (trustees, physicians, professional and non-professional employees, patients and families, etc.); suggest ways to analyze and manage the conflicts and power struggles inherent in these divergent functions and agendas using good communication, management, and leadership skills.

Requirements for an Interdepartmental (ID) Major in Humanities or Social Sciences

All students will choose an ID major in the Humanities or Social Sciences. Each department establishes the criteria for its ID major. Please consult the Academic Register for complete information – www.union.edu/AcademicRegister. There are many options in Humanities and Social Science majors. Some examples include: economics, English, history, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, modern languages, philosophy, and political science.

Term Abroad

In addition to completing a BS and MS or MBA degree at Union, students in the Program participate in a term abroad or other international experience. Union College offers a variety of options for study abroad all over the world. Often students will use their term abroad credits towards their second majors, thus allowing for more free electives.

One of the more than thirty terms abroad offered at Union is National Health Systems. Students travel with a faculty mentor to Canada, England, and the Netherlands to compare health delivery in each of the countries. This term is a favorite of students in the Leadership in Medicine Program. Learn about other international opportunities.

Tuition and Financial Aid

MS Degree Option

Students pay an all-inclusive rate per trimester for twelve trimesters. There is no additional tuition charged for the two required summer-terms. Students are responsible for summer-term room and board, which is not included in the determination of financial need. Students receive undergraduate financial aid for twelve trimesters

MBA Degree Option

Students pay a base rate per trimester for twelve trimesters. There are three required summer terms. There is no additional tuition charged for the first two summers beyond the comprehensive fee. The third summer is discussed below. Students are responsible for summer-term room and board, which is not included in the determination of financial need.

Click here for an itemized breakdown of student charges at Union College.

Students pay graduate tuition for each of the six courses beyond the MS that are required for completion of the MBA. This is charged during the last two terms of the programs. Students do not receive financial aid for these terms. Students are also responsible for room and board during these two terms.

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