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Strategic Plan in Action
A revamped Karp Hall
A Strategic Priority

2013 Strategic Plan Summary

A Strategic Priority
The Strategic Plan in action: A revamped Karp Hall [CLICK HERE]
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Over the course of the term, Union College's Planning & Priorities Group will head up a series of implementation activities in which members of the campus community can participate. 

These include:

  • Participating through department and office projects.
  • Attending the next discussion:
    • Tuesday, Oct. 14 from 12:55 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. in Olin 115. President Stephen C. Ainlay and members of the senior staff will discuss projects related to the strategic plan.

Campus community members can provide comments electronically. For best results, use Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

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A Strategic Priority
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Summary [ADOBE PDF]
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The Strategic Plan in Action


The 2013 Strategic Plan will further Union's mission as a scholarly community that educates students to be engaged, innovative and ethical contributors to an increasingly diverse, global and technologically complex society.

The plan represents the collective vision of the Union community in how to best build on our strengths to make the College a distinctive and continually improving institution. Just as we did in 2007, we have divided the plan into foundational elements and differentiators that provide a clear and compelling path to ensure that Union remains the college of choice for highly qualified students, faculty and staff.


  • Academic Quality
  • The Learning Environment
  • Sustainable Stewardship of Resources


  • An Academic Village that Reflects the Diversity of the World
  • Integrative Thought and Action for the 21st Century
  •  A Distinctive Past Connected to an Innovative and Creative Future


Highlights of the 2013 Strategic Plan can be viewed through the lens of three essential components of a Union College education: the ability to think, connect and act.

Think, Connect, Act