Religious & Spiritual Life Staff - Chekima

Sohaib Chekima

Title: Muslim Student Association Advisor
Phone: (518) 388-6539

Sohaib Chekima is an Algerian National born in Albany. Upon his return to the States, Sohaib started college at Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) where he became the president for the Muslim Student Association (MSA). Other than holding Islamic events geared towards non-Muslims, Sohaib led Friday prayers on campus for his two college years at HVCC. After transferring to University at Albany, Sohaib continued to lead Friday prayers and attend Islamic events at both HVCC and University at Albany.

As an adjunct faculty member at Union College, Sohaib could not divorce himself from the local MSAs, so he decided to continue leading Friday prayers and taking part in MSA events. Sohaib decided to take his relationship with the MSA at Union to a formal level by volunteering to be the adjunct staff member for the MSA. Sohaib never considered the MSA as an association for Muslims only, rather he sees it as a bridging organization between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Sohaib graduated from University at Albany with a BA in Sociology, and then continued on to obtain a Master's Degree in International Business. Sohaib is now working on two PhDs, the first one in International Business and the second one in International Education.

Sohaib teaches Arabic at Union College, University at Albany, and the local capital region language center. He is a contracted translator for both Arabic and Malay, and a contracted language scorer for the NY state teacher certification center under Pearson. He also holds training seminars on Arabs and Muslims.