Frequently Asked Questions

What not to bring

Q: What should I not bring to my residence hall/room?

A: Once a term, the RAs will conduct Life Safety Inspections of every room within a residence hall. This is important so that we can maintain fire safety and overall safety of the building.  Below is a list of things to bring and not bring to your residence hall room at Union.


Q: What size are the beds in the residence halls?

A: Mattresses in our residence halls are extra-long (36"x80"). The Office of Residential Life has partnered with Residence Hall Linens to provide our students with a convenient, affordable way to purchase extra-long sheets and bedding items, as well as other campus-living necessities.


Q: Who do I contact to loft my bed?

A: Lofting orders may be placed at LoftConcepts, 515-597-2303.  Lofting materials will be delivered directly to the campus, are designed to fit our bed frames, and require no tools in order to assemble.  These frames are made of durable tubular steel and require no attachment to walls or ceilings.  We ask that all lofting requests go through LoftConcepts and are not attempted without their assistance.  Lofts are adjustable and can also be made "bunkable".  Safety rails can also be included to the side of the bunk as an option on the order form.

Q: I have some questions regarding my cable. Who do I talk to about it?

A: The cable company we use, Time Warner Cable, will help you out with any questions or problems you are having, as well as provide you with information about premium options that you may purchase. During the start of the Fall term, Time Warner Cable holds office hours on campus. These dates/times are advertised in the residence halls.


Q: Where do I do laundry?

A: There are washers and dryers in each building and they are free to use! Each student pays $20.00 as a part of their housing deposit to cover the cost of using the laundry machines. You will need to learn how to do it on your own, or you may opt to contact E&R Laundry Service at 800-243-7789 . They provide washing, drying, folding, and dry cleaning service on an account basis.


Q: Where can I get food on campus? How about off-campus?

A: On-campus, there are lots of options. West Dining is primarily used by first-year students, but is open to all. Upperclass Dining (for upperclass students, hence the name), the Dutch Hollow Restaurant, the Convenience Store (C-Store), and the Starbucks/Freshens kiosk are all in Reamer and the Rathskellar is in Old Chapel. If you have questions about your meal-plan or about eating on campus in general, contact Dining Services. If you want to eat out, check out this list of off-campus restaurants.


Q: How do I get a Microfridge? Can I bring my own?

A: You may rent a Microfridge unit by contacting Refrigerator Leasing, 607-431-9525. This unit combines a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave that operates on the low amperage required in the residence halls. Only one (1)'Microfridge' may be rented per room or two (2) per suite. The refrigerator/freezer can also be rented without the microwave. Please note that the Microfridge is the only acceptable microwave for our residence hall rooms. You may also bring in your own small refrigerator, as long as it is no larger than 5.0 cubic feet. And please don't keep food too long, or you might have some not-too-pleasant odors that are sure not to please your friends.


Q: Should I get renter's insurance or something like that? Or am I covered on my parents' homeowners policy?

A: Parents should carry personal property protection for you while you are at college, and should contact their insurance agent about it. You may opt to purchase additional property protection through National Student Services, Inc., 800-963-7739 (phone). Union is not responsible for any losses of students' personal property.

Fun things to do

Q: I'm looking for something fun to do tonight. Any ideas?

A: Check out Student Activities for on-campus fun (they also do a big calendar in Reamer right by the Dutch Hollow Restaurant, which is what we're looking at), or you can explore some off-campus ideas. Minerva Programs also holds daily events on campus.


Q: I've got a maintenance concern. Who do I tell?

A: In order to get help, simply go to the online facilities request. You will be able to get email updates on the progress of your work request so you will know if there are any problems which delay getting your problem repaired! You can also let your RA know of issues within the building.


Q: Does Union have its own security department? What are their hours? What do they offer?

A: Campus Safety is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only do they patrol the campus, they also provide free services such as a campus shuttle service (Seward's Trolley), a walking escort service, and assistance with your vehicle if you are having minor problems (i.e. jumpstart). Visit their website for more information.

Health Services

Q: If I'm not feeling well, is there anywhere on campus that I can go?

A: Health Services is located in the Wicker Health and Counseling Center, and assists students with healthy living, as well as treatment for illnesses and injuries. If the illness or injury requires hospital attention, we typically use Ellis Hospital, which is about 2 blocks from the campus.


Q: Is there a campus counseling center?

A: The Counseling Center is located in the Wicker Health and Counseling Center.

Room Change Process

Q: What is the room change process?

A: Living in a residence hall is a unique experience that offers you many great opportunities to grow and learn from. Throughout your life you will meet people that you have positive and negative interactions with. Residential Life encourages you to make the most out of a roommate experience as you can. In the event that you are having issues within your room environment, we strongly encourage you to communicate with your Resident Advisor first before the issue becomes bigger than necessary. Being proactive in any type of relationship provides the opportunity to resolve issues that can be communicated and compromised through. Therefore, a mediation will be requested between you and your roommate or suitemates before anything additional can happen. Please also keep in mind that the Residential Life Office does not approve any room changes during the first and last two weeks of any academic term due to roster verifications. Final room change approvals are at the discretion of the Residence Director, and no resident is allowed to change rooms without the explicit permission of their Residence Director. If you have any questions regarding the process for room changes, please contact your Resident Advisor.


Other: Try the Student Handbook (go to "Housing Policies and General Information"). If that still doesn't do the trick, contact one of the Central Office Staff members.