Housing Selection

***NOTE: The Housing Selection process is for RETURNING UNION COLLEGE STUDENTS ONLY.  All new students will be contacted via email to their Union Email Address with housing information for Fall 2014.***

Important Information Regarding the Housing Selection Process

If students are planning on living in a Greek, Theme, or Minerva house, once they have signed the contact and completed the questions, their profile is complete (STEPS 1-4 in the "How to" guide). Please direct room selection process questions to the appropriate office (Greek houses - your house manager or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Theme houses - house manager or Residential Life, Minerva houses - Office of Minerva Programs). 

Students planning on living in an Apartment, Fox, or College Park Hall will need to complete: the housing terms and conditions, their individual profile, match with roommates and eventually select housing in the online system (STEPS 1-13 in the attached "how to guide"). 

Students who have lost their housing selection privileges must still sign their housing contract (STEPS 1-4 in the attached "how to guide"), but will be placed into housing after the room selection process ends.

Specific dates for selecting a room will be announced when students return from spring break. Once they have completed their profile, they will receive a confirmation email that will include the copy of the Housing terms and conditions, and instructions on how to complete the next steps. 

TO COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE: Log in with your Union user name and password here: Union Online housing system
HINT: Your username is your union email without the @union.edu at the end
Both the "How to" guide, and a copy of the instructions on the next steps can be found here: