Officers & Committees

The Student Forum is comprised of an Executive Board, Class Officers.

The Executive Board consists of the following members; President, Vice President for Administration, Vice President for Finance, Vice President for Campus Life, Vice President for Multicultural Affairs, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Sustainability, and Junior Student Trustee

The Class Officers are made up of a President, Vice President, and a Secretary/Treasurer. Each class has one of each of these positions. Elections take place in the spring for upper class students and in the fall for the freshman class.

*Three senior, junior, and sophomore class representatives shall be elected during the spring term to serve a one-year term in office during the following academic year. Of the three representatives from each class, the person receiving the highest number of votes shall be class president, the person receiving the second highest number of votes shall be class vice president, and the person receiving the third highest number of votes shall be the class treasurer. Three freshman representatives shall be elected during the third week of winter term to serve the remainder of the academic year.

Executive Board:

  • President Richard Harris
  • Senior Student Trustee Ryan Bottin
  • Junior Student Trustee Evan Libovitz
  • VP of Administration Ben Saperstein
  • VP of Finance  Seth Choen
  • VP of Academics Rosette Lanoir
  • VP of Campus Life Alexandra Walters
  • VP of Sustainability Max Fey
  • VP of Multicultural Affairs Rachel Refkin

Class Officers

Class 2014

  • President: David Masterson
  • Vice President: Ankur Shah
  • Secretary Treasurer: Nora Swidler

Class 2015

  • President: Lucas Rivers
  • Vice President: Tamara Maravalli
  • Secretary Treasurer: Sriya Bhumi

Class 2016

  • President: Peter Durkin
  • Vice President: Ilan Levine
  • Secretary Treasurer: Haley Erskine

Class of 2017

  • President Jimmy Yun
  • Vice President Audrey Hunt
  • Secretary/Tresurer Margaret Girton


  • IFC Rep Rylee Merrill
  • Panhellenic Rep Meredith Moshier
  • Minerva Rep Max Willinger
  • MGC Rep Orlando Diaz
  • THC Rep Malene Barlow-Hansen