JANUARY 1813 Eliphalet Nott charges Ramée with "the building of a new college and 70 acres of pleasure grounds..." Educating Leaders for the 21st Century Union's Visionary Designer
1814 North and South College are occupied as student and faculty residences.
1844 John James Audubon admires Jackson's Garden.
1813-1900 The Arts Building, Hale House, Old Chapel, Old Gym Hall
Rose Perkins born on campus to Prof. and Mrs. Maurice Perkins.
The Nott Memorial designed by architect Edward Tuckerman Potter is completed.
1902 Charles Proteus Steinmetz begins teaching at the College.
1926 Memorial Chapel is dedicated to alumni who lost their lives serving in the first World War.
1961 Schaffer Library
1985 Reamer Center is reborn as a true campus center.
1995 A fully restored Nott
2011 The Wold Center, a true microcosm of Union Wold Center Dedication Dedication of the Peter Irving Wold Center
2011 - '12 A new Lippman Hall, Lamont House is renovated, Henle Dance Pavilion construction begins and plans for a Wicker Wellness Center Lippman Hall Dedication Lippman Dedication