Wellness and Health in the Classroom

ANT-130. Food and the Self
What is the relationship between food and the body? Looks at approaches to eating, consumption, identity, the body and food, also current controversies such as obesity, genetically modified foods, and food taboos across cultures.

BIO-378. Cancer Cell Biology
Investigates the molecular basis of cancer by comparing normal cells to cancer cells with respect to growth control mechanisms, signal transduction, and cell-cell and cell-environment interactions.

PHL-375. Biomedical Ethics
An introduction to ethical problems in biology and medicine, touching on such issues as reproductive ethics (abortion, cloning), research ethics and the ethics of death and dying (assisted suicide, euthanasia)

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Wellness and Health

The Union College Wellness and Health Initiative

Union College is committed to maintaining an environment that supports the health and well-being of our faculty, staff, students and alumni. We aspire to help the Union community sustain a vibrant, healthy and balanced lifestyle that celebrates the "whole person."

We offer holistic, engaging recreation and wellness opportunities to all members of the Union community that we hope will enrich their lives.

Upcoming Wellness Events

  • Series of Workshops on Eating & Body Image: Apr. 8, Apr. 22, and May 6 during common lunch in the Wicker Wellness Conference Room. No registration is necessary!  Please view the Eating & Body Image Flyer, or call (518) 388-6161 for more information.

  • Presidential Forum on Diversity: Apr. 25 - 26. Public Health and Wellness Symposium on careers in public health and wellness.

  • Empower Yourself: Self-Regulation in a World of Ever Increasing Challenges. May 1, 5:30 pm in the Wicker Conference Room. Join Dr. David Weck, D.C. to learn new ideas about balancing the stressors of everyday life with your ability to recover from those stressors.

  • Finesse Your Stress: An experiential workshop on how to adapt to your environment. May 13, 11 am-12 pm in the Wicker Conference Room. Stop trying to "manage" your stress and learn how to finesse it instead. Join Rachelle Trahan, AADP Certified Health & Life Coach for a hands on experience in adapting to your environment when certain stressors can't be avoided or eliminated.

  • Choose Your Own Happiness: Why the brain is biased to negativity and fear and how to rewire for positivity and joy. May 20, 11 am-12pm in the Wicker Conference Room. Neuroscience teaches us why the brain is biased toward negativity and fear. Since happiness is a state of "being," you can wire your brain to "be" more positive and joyful. Join Rachelle Trahan, AADP Certified Health & Life Coach to learn tips on how to create small shifts that make a big impact on your life's happiness.

  • Upcoming Group Counseling Sessions:  The Counseling Center will soon be hosting a First Generation College Students' Group and a Women's Group (view the Women's Group Flyer) at the Wicker Wellness Center.  Call (518) 388-6161 for more information.

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