Wellness Related Courses


Food and the Self ANT-130 
What is the relationship between food and the body? What are the boundaries of food and the body? Are you what you eat or how you eat? This course looks at anthropological approaches to eating, consumption, identity, the body and food, while also examining current controversies such as obesity, genetically modified foods, and food taboos. While much of the course concerns itself with the cultural and historical construction of the American diet, it also draws examples from other cultures.

Medical Anthropology ANT-230
An examination of beliefs about illness, healing, and the body and how these are shaped by culture and society. Topics include non-Western healing practices, political forces shaping medical practice in the U.S., and birthing practices in different cultures. CC: LCC

Subjectivity in the Age of Biotechnology ANT-278 
This course examines how our lives, identities and futures have been and will be transformed by new biotechnologies and their implications. From pharmaceuticals and the human genome to plastic surgery and organ trafficking, our subjectivities are being redefined as exceeding the “natural” limits of our bodies and entering a “posthuman” era of uncharted ethical and political implications. In this course, we will learn the analytical tools developed by anthropology, the history of medicine and science studies in order to understand how medical science approaches the body and produces knowledge about it. We will explore the role that globalization and capitalism are playing within the development of new biotechnologies, and examine how race, gender and sexuality are being reconfigured within this new paradigm. If new subjectivities or forms of citizenship are being created through biotechnology, what do they look like, and how are these new actors engaging with society?