Wellness Related Classes



Food and Health in the 21st Century BIO-065
An introduction to multiple aspects of food: basic nutrition; role of our dietary choices on health; modern and traditional food production systems; environmental issues in farming (fossil fuel use, climate change, and pollution); sustainability of our modern food supply system; and causes and remedies of hunger in the world. Fulfills CC science with lab requirement (SCLB).

Understanding Cancer BIO-094
Everyone has been touched at some point in their lives by cancer. This course aims to provide insight into the fundamental concepts involved in the life cycle of a cell, how cancer is related to those processes, and how those fundamental processes have led to advances in cancer treatment. Not open to students who have already completed Biology 110 (102) or Biology 112 (101). Fulfills CC science requirement (no lab) (SET).

Food Ecology BIO-201 (Same as ENS-201)
This course will examine the environmental issues related to food; it will include food derived through agriculture (e.g., grain crops, fruits, and vegetables), and also food from domesticated or wild animals (dairy, beef, chicken, pork, or fish). We will compare production methods in the technologically advanced West with those in more traditional systems (past and present). We will look at how and why food production was transformed into an enormous user of fossil fuel in the twentieth century. We will look at how and why food production causes environmental problems, such as: loss of soil fertility, reductions in fresh water supplies, and the pollution of ground water, rivers, and oceans. Finally, we will explore whether current methods of food production are sustainable and adequate for a growing population; we will discuss new ideas that could help ensure food production, while also reducing pollution and use of fossil fuel. Prerequisite: BIO-110 (102) or declared ENS major.