Faculty Executive Committee

Information provided below serves as a summary only.  Definitive wording can be found in the Faculty Manual.

FEC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Calendar for 6 Douglas Place -- Reservation Request for 6 Douglas Place -- Guidelines for Use


  • Develop the agenda & provide supporting materials for all General Faculty meetings

  • Serve as a nominating committee to submit names of candidates for each office or committee position subject to election by the General Faculty

  • Advise the Administration on all matters of concern to the General Faculty

  • As members of the Planning & Priorities Committee, propose appropriate levels for the faculty salary budget to the Administration

  • Revise the faculty constitution and bylaws to be in accord with the governance system and to establish orderly means to accomplish the business of the General Faculty


  • Faculty Compensation Committee


  • Comprised of a Chair, a Secretary, and four additional faculty members who shall be the four heads of the Academic Divisions

  • Terms are three years