Union College Faculty Manual


The faculty manual below is updated as of September 1, 2017.

You may view the complete faculty manual, or select various sections from the list below. Proposals or modifications that are voted on or made during an academic year are usually incorporated into the following year's faculty manual. Archived faculty manuals are also available.

Union College's Faculty Manual includes information about policies and procedures at the College that apply to faculty members and supersedes all prior manuals and statements of policy.  The Faculty Manual is subject to changes of both a retroactive and prospective nature. The Manual is intended to serve as a general guide to policies, practices, and benefits and is not intended to create a contract between the College and employees or to set forth terms of employment except as otherwise indicated. By accepting an appointment at Union College, faculty members agree to comply with all rules, regulations, and policies contained in the Faculty Manual as they presently exist or as modified from time to time. 

Complete Faculty Manual

Section I - Salary & Fringe Benefits

I Salary Payments
II Declination of Salary or Stipend
III General Benefit Information
IV Tuition Remission and Scholarships
V Other Benefits
VI Personal Leaves

Section II - Faculty Appointments, Tenure, Promotion, Leaves

I Faculty Ranks and the Criteria for Promotion
II Appointments of Tenure-Track Faculty Members
III Procedure for Decision of Tenure
IV Reconsideration and Appeals of Negative Determinations on Pre-Tenure Contract Renewals and Tenure
V Procedures for the Review of Visiting Faculty and Lecturers
VI Professional Librarian Appointments
VII Leaves Related to Professional Development
VIII Outside Work
IX Procedures for Dismissal and Sanctions
X Faculty Resignations
XI Salary Increases and Merit Awards
XII Contract Renewals

Section III - Teaching Regulations and Procedures

I Course and Classroom Policies
II Examinations and Assignments
III Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
IV Academic Honor Code
V International Students

Section IV - Faculty Constitution

I Basic Structure of the Governance System
II Organization of the Faculty
III Criteria for Elections of Policy Councils
IV The Academic Affairs Council
V The Student Affairs Council
VI Faculty Review Board
VII Faculty Appeals Committee
VIII The Consultation Groups
IX The Conference Group
X The Planning and Priorities Group
XI Liaison Committees
XII Liaison Committee for Admissions
XIII Liaison Committee for Athletics
XIV Liaison Committee for Campus Facilities
XV Liaison Committee for the Library
XVI Liaison Committee for Academic Computing and Technology
XVII Liaison Committee for Study Abroad
XVIII Liaison Committee for Campus Diversity
XIX Amending the Governance System

Section V - Ethics and Conduct

I Faculty Resolution on Professional Ethics
II Academic Freedom
III Indemnification of Employees
IV Intellectual Property
V Investigating and Responding to Allegations of Scientific Misconduct
VI Regulations of Union College Governing Campus Conduct
VII Policy Against Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, Misconduct (Including Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Relationship Violence), Bias Activity and Retaliation
VIII Title IX Coordinator Duties (Sex Discrimination, Harassment, and Assault)
IX Ethics and Conduct Requirement to Report Instances of Sexual Misconduct Against Students
X Dispute Resolution
XI Reporting Fraud, Defalcation or Illegal Activity by Employees
XII Consensual Relations
XIII Drug-Free Workplace and Drug/Alcohol Abuse Policy
XIV Smoke/Tobacco Free Policy
XV Personal Records at Union College
XVI Information Security Policy and Plan
XVII Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

Section VI - Sundry Matters

I Travel
II Policies and Procedures for Travel and Expense Reimbursement
III Purchasing Procedure
IV Use of Vehicles
V College Insurance - Liability
VI Employee Parking
VII Use of College Facilities
VIII Pets in the Workplace
IX College Bookstore - Reamer Campus Center
X Library Services
XI Other Services
XII Policy Regarding Collective Bargaining
XIII State Loyalty Oath


I Random Sampling Procedure
II Letter to Students
III Letter to Alumni
IV Letter to Referees
V Letter to Promotion Referees
VI Evaluation Criteria and Review and Promotion Procedures for Librarians