Policies & Forms

Class Cancellation, Weather Policy

Checklists for Tenure or Reappointment Reviews, See Tenure Review or Reappointment Review

Cohort Assignments, See Triennial Merit Review

Conference Travel Funds GuidelinesForm

Course Evaluations for Diagnostic Purposes Policy  

Course Evaluation Retention Policy

Credit Cards, Faculty Website or Staff Website

Dean of Studies Funding Request Form 

Douglas Place Guidelines  

Editorial Work Policy Guidelines 

Facilities & Furnishings Request - OverviewRenovation Form 

Faculty Activities Sheet (FAS) - activities from 9/1/16 to 8/31/17 Form, Form for Librarian

                                             activities from 9/1/15 to 8/31/16 FormForm for Librarian

Faculty Research & Travel Accounts, See Finances & Expenses 

Faculty Research Fund Guidelines, Application

Faculty Teaching Grants (IEF) Guidelines, Application

Finances & Expenses Guidelines

Fine Policy, Academic Affairs Safety Committee

Honor Code Policy

Human Subjects Policy & Guidelines   

Humanities Faculty Research Fund Guidelines, Application  

IEF Grants, See Faculty Teaching Grants

Leaves Summary of Leaves

Lecturer Renewals, See Renewals

New Course Proposal - One Time Form, Permanent FormDeadlines

Mellon "Our Shared Humanities" Website, Application

Nichols Endowed Fellowship MemoWebsite

Outside Work Approval Form

Program Proposal Form 

Promotion, Full Professor Guidelines, Student Evaluation Table Template

Promotion, Senior Lecturer GuidelinesStudent Evaluation Table Template

Reappointment Review Winter/Spring 2017 Checklist

Record Retention Quick Reference Guide

Recruiting, Faculty  Reconciliation Procedures

Renewals, Visitors and Lecturers Guidelines, Student Evaluation Table Template

Research Professor or Assistant Request Form, See Unpaid Appointments

Sabbatical Request Procedure MemoForm

Supplemental PAF Form, 2017-18 Rates for Adjuncts/Overloads

Tax Exemption Forms

Teaching Credit Approval (Department Loading) Memo
   2015 ApproachDepartment Loading ApplicationApplication Sample 
   2013 AAC report, 2013 report appendix on current practices
   1990's Loading Report

Tenure Review 2017-18 Checklist

Tenure-Track Faculty Position Request Form 

Travel, Off-campus with Students Policy

    Student application instructions for paperwork if travelling on extended (3+night) trips; and regardless
         of trip duration if travel is funded by the Undergraduate Research Program (Student Conference and Research)     

    Administrative Assistant instructions for reviewing student travel files

Triennial Merit Review Memo, Current Policy, 2006 Policy, 2015 Revisions2016 Edits, Cohort Assignments

          Tenure-Track FormLecturer Form, Librarian Form

Unpaid Appointments (e.g. Research Professors or Assistants) Refer to the HR Forms site for guidelines and form

Visitor Renewals, See Renewals

WAC/WS (Writing Across the Curriculum/Senior Writing Requirement) Forms

Weather Policy for Classes, See Class Cancellation