This program is for all pre-tenure faculty members, visiting faculty and recently appointed lecturers.  It will provide each an opportunity to have a mentor from outside their own department to complement the mentoring they receive from colleagues within their department and participation will be completely voluntary. 

All post-tenure faculty members, who are willing to be available to junior faculty colleagues seeking advice should contact the Dean of Academic Departments.

Mentors will always have the option to decline a request for mentoring if they become too busy.  Any number of helpful mentoring collaborations can be worked out, some of which might be an informal conversation over lunch, classroom visit exchanges, and consultations about course development and research and grant agendas.

Junior faculty will not be assigned a particular mentor but, instead, may choose anyone from the available pool of mentors.  Junior faculty members may change mentors at will.  They might want to change to get different perspectives on a single issue or they might want to seek advice from different mentors for different questions.  Junior faculty members might also just want to “try out” different mentors to find one who they find congenial.  Whatever the arrangement, junior faculty should take the initiative to arrange meetings with the mentor and conversations between the mentor and mentoree will be completely confidential.

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