Past Events


Spring 2013 - The Committee on Teaching Presents:  Brown Bag Lunch Series

The Committee on Teaching invites you to their first Brown Bag Lunch Series (CoTBBLS).  This is an *informal* weekly event for faculty across the divisions during which we can swap stories and share teaching techniques.   Each event will have a theme (late assignments, extra credit, etc).   No food will be provided, but if we're lucky there will be home-made cookies.

If there's a topic you'd like discussed, please don't hesitate to ask!  In order to facilitate participation across departments, we will try to be flexible on which day of the week the event is offered.

Dates and Topics:

Thursday, April 18 (Olin 211): Late Assignments

Wednesday, April 24 (Olin 211): Extra Credit

Week 6: Thursday, May 9 - Attendance (location - Lippman 101)

Week 8: Wednesday, May 22: Laptops in the Classroom (location - Olin 211)

Week 9: Wednesday, May 29: Plagiarism (location - Olin 211)

Teaching Students to Write for Audiences Across The Curriculum.

Friday, April 19 during the Faculty Happy Hour from 4 to 6 in the Milano Lounge.
Moderator Stephen Schmidt (Economics), Mary Mar (Writing Center), Palmyra Catravas (Electrical & Computer Engineering) and Patricia Culbert (Theatre) will facilitate the discussion. They will address the issue of teaching students to vary their writing style according to the discipline and audience, they are writing for.  
Are we communicating this to them as well as we should? If not, how might we do it better? We'll also talk about the ways in which standards for writing vary across the curriculum, so that the faculty can be better equipped to guide students, and can better understand the writing standards for the different disciplines.

Are we, and our students, losing sight of intellectual life?

25 January: Faculty Happy Hour, 4-6, Milano Lounge
Please come at 4 to begin socializing, but we won't start our official conversation until about 4:30 so that
(if they desire) people can attend the open meeting Steve Leavitt is holding concerning campus culture. 

Suzie Benack: Busy-ness as Pathology
David Ogawa: Assessment, Failure, and the Myth of Productivity
Leo Zaibert: Preserving "Leisure" (the Greeks called it scholé) for Intellectual Life

2011-12 A Workshop on Creativity for September 16-17, 2011

Professor Jonathan Weaver, University of Detroit Mercy, Mechanical Engineering Department

The goal of this workshop is to broaden faculty awareness of creativity through several hands-on activities
and exposure to tools and techniques that can be applied in an academic setting.  These exercises induce
new perspectives on traditional classroom material and encourage students and faculty to be creative in
general.  The workshop is relevant to faculty across the curriculum.

2009-10 How Do Students Learn? A session on learning styles.

Is Teaching Together Better? A Two-part Session on Interdisciplinary Teaching
What Are Critical Skills? What Is Critical Thinking?
Tips on Teaching: Your Questions Answered


Education in Action: Service Learning at Union
Mini-Terms: Global, Innovative and Diverse?
Diversity in the Classroom 


Advising at Union:  How Can We All Do It Better?  (Read the report from the Ad Hoc Committee on Advising)
Discussion of Sophomore Research Seminars
The Numbers Game:  (De)Constructing Course Evaluations
Should Union Have An Honor Code?
Teaching Sensitive Subjects 


Grading Policies 




Writing Across the Curriculum:  Is It Meeting Its Goals?
Is It OK that "A" Is the Most Common Grade at Union?
Classroom Manners:  What Is Acceptable?
Use of Authority in the Classroom


Making the Most of College
Re-Orientation of New Faculty
Preceptorial, Past and Present


Setting Expectations: How Does Plagiarism Affect Our Teaching?
Setting Expectations for Effective Student Presentations
Writing to Learn and Learning to Write Workshops
Advising Guidelines for Future Professors Program 


Setting Expectations for 'Gen Ed' Science Courses
Setting Expectations for the Major
Setting Expectations for First Year Students
"Restored/With Good Advice and Little Medicine." (Shakespeare, 2.Henry IV) or Advising Senior Projects
When I Survey the Wondrous… : How Do Religion and the Classroom Mix?
Culture Shock
Teaching Abroad: Images to Feed the Mind
Order or Disorder?


Why Students Need Faculty Advice
Does Group Work Work?
Nurturing:  Is There Such a Thing as too Much?
Numb to Criticism
Initiating Discussion in the Classroom:  The Courage to be Controversial
How I Keep Myself Energized
Fulbright Fellows: Teaching From An International Perspective
Using Technology to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning 


How Are You Motivating Your Students:  Fear of Failure or Love of Knowledge?
Assessing Student Workload
Addressing Negativity in the Classroom
Interdisciplinary Discourse
To Electrify or Not to Electrify:  Electronic Resources for Your Classroom
Anxiety about the Classroom
Authority in the Classroom





Innovative Teaching in Various Settings:  Large Classes, Labs, Science Courses and Using Slides
Increasing Demands on Students:  Problems and Solutions
Using Computers in Courses:  Using Email to Enhance Class Discussion, How the Network Has Improved My Teaching and Planning for Electronic Learning
Culture Shock:  First Year Teachers Discussing Union Student and Faculty Culture 


Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Classroom
How to Cut Paper Grading Time and Provide More Useful Feedback
Classroom Teaching and Ethnic Minorities
Decentering the Classroom 


Teaching Tips
Media Technology
The Teacher:  Friend or Foe
Computers in the Classroom:  Two Examples

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