The Writing Center

Located on the Second Floor of Schaffer Library (Room 226 & 227), The Writing Center offers free help to all Union students, from first year students writing their first College papers to seniors working on theses or applying to grad schools. We're not a proofreading service; instead, our purpose is to help you improve your own writing. We use the same principles that good writers (and your professors!) use when they write.

Trained student tutors listen to your concerns and work with you at whatever stage you are in the writing process. Perhaps you've completed your reading but are having difficulty getting started writing. Usually you'll come to us with a draft of a paper. We will help you prioritize your needs, see what works and what needs further work, and clarify your understanding of your ideas as well as learn strategies for improving as a writer.

You may choose to work with a tutor qualified to help with writing for any subject--or with specialty tutors for help with writing in Spanish, French, technical or science writing, or philosophy. If you can, come a few days before the assignment is due. If the paper is due in an hour or two, you won't have the time you need.

Our Mission: Our goal is to contribute to the college's culture of writing and academic learning, and to promote quality in expressing ideas in written language across the college and to outside audiences. We achieve this through one-to-one tutoring and conferencing services available to all students throughout their college program and through audience-specific presentations about writing and learning.

To Make an Appointment: Follow the link below.  If you are a first time user, register for an account.  It only takes 2 minutes!

More questions? Click here - Check out our core beliefs about writing.