Physics Lab Outline

Submitted by Chad Orzel, Physics Department, Union College


I)  Abstract        10pts

____   Summarize in paragraph form
____   State results
____   Uncertainty and units

II) Introduction        20 pts

____   Discuss motivation of experiment
____   Describe theory being tested
____   Describe specific prediction of interest

III) Experimental Procedure     20 pts      

____   Write out in paragraph form
____   Describe apparatus used
____   Include only important details
____   Explain measurements made
____   Include uncertainty estimates

IV) Results         30 pts

____   Write out in paragraph form
____   Clearly labeled data tables
____   Units, uncertainties
____   Figures (where appropriate)
____   Labels on figures
____   Refer to figures and tables in text
____   Calculations from data
____   Errors and uncertainties in calculations

V) Discussion/ Conclusions     20 pts

____   Summarize results of experiment
____   Further interpretations, implications
____   Agreement/ disagreement with predictions
____   Comparison of methods (where appropriate)
____   Possible improvements

VI) General Writing     50 pts

____   Organization
____   Sentence structure, grammar
____   Spelling, proofreading

VII) Other    


Submitted by Chad Orzel, Physics Department, Union College.