Using College resources

Tips by Union students

  • Talk to your professors!  (Definitely number one!)
    Reasons to visit your professors

    It helps you focus on important material.

    Get questions answered.

    Reinforce, improve learning.

    Learn the professor's priorities, best ways of approaching learning.

    Discuss related material

    Enrich knowledge of subject matter

    Last term, I did an independent research project with a member of the biology faculty. This wasn't for credit, I was just interested in the project and wanted to
    get involved. The faculty here are very receptive to undergraduates, and I would recommend that anyone who has a chance should take advantage this receptiveness. [Rebecca Butterfield]

    Establish rapport

    I think it's important to let the professor know that you are putting forth effort and are interested in the class. In my opinion, professors are also one of the biggest resources on campus that are not used. I would not be where I am right now were it not for the advice and direction that professors had given me outside the classroom. It's just a matter of asking for it. [Kathy Klemm]

    Personal reasons--they are interesting people!

    I go to see my professors a lot. Even when I don't have any particular problems, I just go see them to discuss certain topics. Seeing them even for nothing makes me feel more confident in my subject matter. It makes me feel better and more learned. [Preeti Upadhya]

    Reasons not to :

    Importance of challenging oneself

    Could lead to a false sense of security.

    Personally, I never visit my professors. I prefer to figure things out for myself. I think I learn more that way. [Ryan Lee]

  • Use the Writing Center to improve the effectiveness of your writing.

  • Use the library.

  • The Nott and the Olin Center are great places to study if you like quiet.

I find the Nott a great place to study. Some of my friends don't because of the low, humming noise. However, I find it relaxing. There is something about the Nott that puts me at ease, whenever I am within its walls. [Cregg Brown]

  • When you want to study in a less quiet place, try Dutch Hollow or a House lounge.
  • Use escort service to go home after studying.  Be safe!